My Services

Clinical Somatic Education

Clinical Somatic Education is a journey of self-discovery with the underlying goal of gaining awareness of the mind and body from within. The somatic educator does not "fix" the client, but guides him or her to a place of openness where change can be achieved autonomously. Clinical Somatic Education uses hands-on guided movement (using a table or a mat) as well as a series of brief self-care exercises, to correct inefficient movement patterns and eliminate chronic muscle tension and pain.

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Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

Using a variety of techniques, including Swedish massage, I use the Kripalu massage and bodywork method to provide a soothing full-body restorative massage that enhances the integration of body, mind, and spirit. Guided breath awareness and a meditative focus on physical sensation stimulate energy to flow throughout the body and release. Using a variety of Swedish massage techniques, and blending Trager and Somatics as well when appropriate and efficacious, your session will be personally customized to create the massage that is just right for you.

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The Trager Approach

The Trager® Approach is a pleasurable, gentle and effective approach to movement education and mind/body integration. The Trager Approach helps release deep-seated physical and mental patterns and facilitates deep relaxation, increased physical mobility, and mental clarity. The benefits of a Trager session are long-lasting and cumulative, with subsequent sessions allowing for deeper and longer lasting changes.

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Nurturing, knowledgeable hands

“Patience brings her knowledge of how the body moves, and combines that with her nurturing way of working with a client. Her hands have a way of knowing, that I have found in very few practitioners. I leave with a sense of wellness and a better understanding of the part I play in my ability to create a stronger and better functioning body. Patience lifts my spirits as well as my energy.” —R.L.B., Educator